Never Lose Touch of your Assets with
GPS Wireless Management Solutions

TRACK asset location

MONITOR performance and faults

LOG mileage and/or engine hours

RECEIVE real time alerts/maintenance reminders

M2M Solutions: Asset Tracking, Monitoring & Remote Asset Management

The emergence of affordable cellular services, low-cost GPS hardware, and ubiquitous Internet access has ushered in a new age of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Many industrial assets will be transformed by the ability to communicate electronically, enabling them to perform much more efficiently.

Ayantra provides M2M and asset management solutions that enable organizations to better manage their out-of-sight assets. Our wireless solutions enable fleet managers to track equipment, collect usage information, and centrally manage all assets from a single website.

Built upon our patent-pending FleetSavvy platform, Ayantra’s internet-based solutions increase profitability through better asset utilization and improved productivity.

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Solutions for managing Generators


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  • Broad range of M2M solutions
  • Single site to manage all assets
  • In-house design and manufacturing expertise
  • Custom products
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Solutions for managing On-Road Assets