Ayantra – a leading developer of remote asset management products – has created a solution for authenticating the operators of rental cranes, lifts, and other types of aerial equipment.

The Challenge

Rental equipment fleet managers know that it is critical to ensure that certain types of machines should only be operated by certified operators. Controlling access to these machines is essential to achieve improvements in:

A set of lifts and arial equipment that require operator authentication


Reductions in insurance rates

The ability to invoice rental customers based on “Who operated the machine, and how much did he use it?”

The Solution

Ayantra’s FleetGuard is a wireless solution that provides operator authentication for use of any type of rental machinery, notably cranes and aerial equipment. FleetGuard allows authorized operators to enjoy easy access to the equipment. It can also block unauthorized operators from using the equipment; or, it can “flag” the events when unauthorized operators are allowed to utilize the machine. FleetGuard logs utilization hours by operator, thereby enabling the rental company to apply different rental rates based upon “who used the machine, and how much did he use it.”

How it Works


Operators are required to attend training classes to earn an Operator’s License. The Operator’s License will include a distinct serial number, unique to that person.


Each rental machine is equipped with an Ayantra FleetGuard unit, consisting of a monitoring system with a keypad.


In order to access the machine, each user is required to submit their Operator’s License Number on the monitoring unit’s keypad.

  • A valid entry will ensure access to the machine.
  • Fleet managers can control what will happen if an invalid entry is submitted.
  • Access to the machine can be blocked
  • Access to the machine can be allowed, but the event will be “flagged”


The website will automatically track and report usage by each Operator License Number.

Business Practices

  • The “Utilization by Operator” information can be used to apply Usage-Based Rental Charges based upon each operator. For example, usage by Licensed Operators can be charged at a base rate, and usage by non-Licensed Operators can be charged at a higher rate.
  • Enforcing controlled access to the equipment via the FleetGuard keypad can also lead to reductions in insurance premiums (may vary by insurer).

Key Features


FleetGuard reports each time the machine is powered ON or OFF, and it also keeps track of the accumulated Engine Run-Hours. Key advantages include:

  • Service intervals – Timely maintenance ensures warranty compliance and helps minimize breakdowns
  • Reductions in man-hours – eliminate the requirement to manually collect hour-meter readings
  • Increased efficiency – usage reports enable fleet managers to optimize utilization
  • Improved accuracy – automated Engine Run-Hours updates eliminate reporting errors


FleetGuard can issue “Service Due” reminders as each machine approaches its service interval.


FleetGuard automatically reports each machine’s total utilization, and can also report each machine’s utilization by Jobsite.


The monitoring unit includes six user-configurable digital input ports to report up to six types of Faults.


FleetGuard can issue real-time Alert Notifications for key events such as “Unauthorized Movement” or “Service Due.” The Alert Notifications can be sent as text messages and/or as email messages.


The database information can be exported upon demand.

Hardware Specifications:

Physical: 5.00” x 3.50” x 1.55”

Power: 8 – 32 volts DC

Power Draw:

  • Active: 65 mA (typ) @ 12V
  • PowerSave: 40 mA (typ) @ 12V

Built-in back-up battery


  • Monitoring unit – Operating: -32°C → +60°C
  • Monitoring unit – Storage: -45°C → +85°C

Humidity: 0 – 95 RH @ 40C

I/O Ports:

  • Input Ports: 7 Inputs (6 user-configurable)
  • Output Ports: 2 Outputs (both used for Remote Start)
image of the Ayantra operator authentication hardware