Ayantra – a leading developer of remote asset management products – has created a solution for managing Pumps.

The Challenge

Pumps and irrigation equipment can be dispersed over a wide geographic area. Managers must know:

FleetPump pump management - orange water pump
FleetPump pump management – yellow water pump
FleetPump pump management - red water pump
Map Marker icon to illustrate the monitoring unit's ability to report on tracking the asset's location

Each pump’s Location and Status

Gas pump icon to illustrate Ayantra's ability to report on If any pump’s fuel tank is low,

If any pump’s fuel tank is low

Notification icon to iillustrate Ayantra's s ability to report on Generator Status

If any pump has a Fault

Thumb notification icon to illustrate Ayantra's ability to report on If the output pressure on any pump has dropped below its proper threshold
If the output pressure on any pump has dropped below its proper threshold.

Thumb notification icon to illustrate Ayantra's ability to report on If the output pressure on any pump has dropped below its proper threshold

In California, the local Air Quality Management District may also require “Utilization by Location” reports

Current methods for managing field pumps are manual, time-consuming and error-prone. Ayantra can help.

The Solution

FleetPump is a web-based wireless solution for managing fixed and mobile pumps. FleetPump can monitor any make or model of pump, and it easily supports hybrid fleets. With the average cost of a truck roll at $ 75 or more, FleetPump can pay for itself very quickly.

The fleetpump solution consists of

  • An Ayantra monitoring unit installed on the pump, plus the option of an Ayantra-provided pressure switch
  • Wireless communications services provided by Ayantra
  • An Ayantra-provided website for full reporting and control

Key Features


The FleetPump solution automatically reports the Location, Status, Battery Level, and Engine Run-Hours for each monitored pump.


Each FleetPump monitoring unit features six digital inputs to report Faults. Users can access the website to specify what type of Fault is reported on each input.


An optional pressure switch enables the FleetPump monitoring system to send real-time Alert Notifications if the output pressure drops below a specific threshold.


The FleetPump solution can send real-time Alert Notifications if any serious problems are detected. The Alert Notifications can be sent as text messages and/or as email messages. Users can specify which people will be notified for each event, and how.


Authorized users can access the website to issue Remote Start / Stop commands to turn the Pump ON or OFF. This feature requires a set of Ayantra-provided relays, available at an additional cost.


Each FleetPump monitoring unit automatically reports the pump’s current Engine Run-Hours, and the system can issue “Service Due” reminders when each pump is due for maintenance.


The FleetPump monitoring unit continually checks the pump’s electrical system. If the battery level drops too low, the monitoring unit will send a “Low Battery” Alert. If the battery is disconnected, the monitoring unit will use its internal backup battery to issue a “Battery Tamper” Alert. If the engine is ON and the alternator is not charging the battery properly, the unit will report “Possible Weak Alternator or Battery.”


The FleetPump monitoring unit automatically enters a PowerSave mode after the pump’s engine has been turned off. The PowerSave mode reduces the monitoring unit’s power consumption to protect the pump’s battery. All regularly-scheduled reports and alert notifications will continue while the unit is in PowerSave mode.


FleetPump enables users to identify when and where each pump was utilized. This information can help fleet managers to optimize field operations, and it can also be used to comply with the California Air Resources Board reporting requirements

Hardware Specifications

Physical: 5.00” x 3.50” x 1.55”

Power: 8 – 32 volts DC

Power Draw:

  • Active: 65 mA (typ) @ 12V
  • PowerSave: 40 mA (typ) @ 12V

Built-in back-up battery


  • Monitoring unit – Operating: -32°C → +60°C
  • Monitoring unit – Storage: -45°C → +85°C

Humidity: 0 – 95 RH @ 40C

I/O Ports:

  • Input Ports: 7 Inputs (6 user-configurable)
  • Output Ports: 2 outputs (2 user-configurable)
Ayantra monitoring unit used for remote asset management.