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FleetQuip Heavy Equipment Management

Heavy Equipment Management Solution

Ayantra - a leading developer of remote asset management solutions - has created a solution tailored for monitoring and managing Heavy Equipment.

The Challenge:


Fleet managers know that tracking each machine and collecting its utilization information is critical to ensure proper maintenance. Key objectives include:

  • Tracking each machine's Location
  • Logging each machine's Engine Run Hours to ensure timely maintenance services
  • Protecting machines from theft and misuse

Managing a fleet of heavy equipment is a difficult task. Ayantra can help.

The Solution:

Ayantra's FleetQuip is a web-based wireless monitoring solution for managing Heavy Equipment. It can manage any make or model of machine, and supports hybrid fleets. With the average cost of a truck roll @ $75 or more, remote equipment monitoring starts to pay for itself right away.

Chart showing how FeetQuip works.

The total heavy equipment telemetry solution consists of:

  • An Ayantra monitoring unit installed inside or on the machine
  • Ayantra-provided wireless messaging services
  • An Ayantra-provided website to deliver Location Reports, Maintenance Reminders, Asset Utilization Reports, History Logs, and more

Key Features:

  • ENGINE RUN-HOURS: FleetQuip reports each time the machine’s engine is turned ON or OFF. Key advantages include:
    • Service intervals – timely maintenance ensures warranty compliance and helps minimize costly breakdowns
    • Reductions in manpower – fleet managers can eliminate unnecessary trips to collect hour-meter readings
    • Increased efficiency – usage reports enable fleet managers to optimize utilization
    • Improved accuracy – automated Engine Run-Hour updates eliminate reporting errors
  • UTILIZATION REPORTS and JOBSITE UTILIZATION REPORTS: FleetQuip automatically reports each machine's total utilization, and also reports each machine's utilization by Jobsite.
  • "SERVICE DUE" REMINDERS: FleetQuip can issue "Service Due" reminders as each machine approaches its service interval.
  • ALERT NOTIFICATIONS: FleetQuip can send real-time Alert Notifications in the form of text messages and/or as email messages. Alert Notifications are available for:
    • Curfew violation – users can specify a nightly "curfew" for each machine. If the machine is used during a prohibited time period, FleetQuip will immediately report a Curfew Violation.
    • GeoFence violation – users can specify a boundary around any machine. If the machine moves beyond the boundary, FleetQuip will immediately report a GeoFence Violation.
    • Low Battery – the monitoring unit will monitor the machine's battery level, and will issue a Low Battery Alert Notification if the battery weakens.
    • Battery Tamper - the monitoring unit can send a Battery Tamper Alert if the main battery is disconnected.
    • Maintenance Due – users can specify maintenance intervals for each machine, and be notified when service is due.
  • LIVE TRACK: Users can command the system to automatically track any asset for a one-hour period, providing location reports at five-minute intervals and displaying the machine's position on a map.
  • POWERSAVE MODE: When the engine is OFF, the monitoring unit will enter its PowerSave mode to reduce power consumption. All alerts and regularly-scheduled reports will continue while the unit is in PowerSave mode.
  • BACKUP BATTERY: A built-in backup battery enables the monitoring unit to continue operation if the main battery is disconnected. The unit can also issue a Battery Tamper Alert Notification if the battery is disconnected.
  • REAL-TIME UPDATES: Authorized users can collect up-to-the minute updates from any machine, at any time.

Heavy Equipment Management - Hardware Specifications

FleetQuip GPS Unit
NEMA-4 Outdoor-rated case:4.75" x 2.60" x 1.40"
Power:8 - 32 volts DC
Power Draw:
Active Mode:75 mA @ 12V (typ)
PowerSave Mode:25 mA @ 12V (typ)
Built-in back-up battery
Operating:-20°C → +60°C
Storage:-45°C → +85°C
Humidity:0 - 90 RH @ 40C

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