Ashok Teckchandani

Chairman and CEO

Mr. Teckchandani founded Ayantra and serves as its Chairman and CEO. From the time of the company’s inception, he recognized that wireless remote asset management would become a “must-have” technology for managing a wide range of industrial assets. Previously, Ashok founded AE Telelink and Adtech Micro Systems, acquired by Sorrento Networks. In prior years, he served as Engineering Manager at Telecommunication Technology Inc., a unit of General Signal. Mr. Teckchandani earned his MSEE from the Indian Institute of Technology and his MBA from the University of Santa Clara.

Kailasnath Dornadula

VP Engineering

Kailas is a co-founder of the company and serves as its Vice President of Engineering. He has over twenty years’ experience in developing firmware / hardware systems for short-range radios, SCADA, and Telematics applications. Prior to co-founding Ayantra, he was the Deputy General Manager at Electro Systems Associates. Kailas earned his BS degree in Electronics and Communications from Bangalore University, India.

Andy Rogers

VP of Sales and Business Development

Andy joined the company in 2003 and serves as its Vice President of Sales and Business Development. He has over twenty years experience in sales of satellite services; fast-packet switching systems; wireless services; and performance management systems. Prior to joining Ayantra, he worked for Lucent, Frame Relay Technologies, and GTE Spacenet. Mr. Rogers earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, San Diego.

Harbans Rattia

VP Operations

Harbans is a co-founder of the company and serves as its Vice President of Operations. He has over thirty years’ experience in engineering, manufacturing and operations at companies including Adtech Micro Systems and Racal-Vadic. Mr. Rattia earned his Electronics Engineering degree from the India Navy Engineering Institute, and his Business Degree from the Delhi Institute of Management and Services.