Ayantra – a leading developer of remote asset management products – has created a solution for managing un-attended remote sites.

The Challenge

Remote facilities such as cell towers and pump stations are typically unattended and distributed over a wide geographic area. Facilities managers must be immediately informed if any critical events occur, including:

illustration of a remote site tower
Battery icon to illustrate Ayantra's ability to report on Battery Level.

Loss of power

Notification icon to iillustrate Ayantra's s ability to report on Generator Status

Equipment failure

Magnifying glass icon to illustrate Ayantra's ability to report on Detecting Faults and responding effectively to each Fault event.

Intrusion detection

Managing an array of remote sites is a difficult task. Ayantra can help.

The Solution

FleetRSM is a web-based, wireless solution for managing Remote Sites. It continually monitors the availability of main power at the remote site, and offers seven user-configurable digital inputs for reporting critical events. Alert Notifications are issued in real-time and can be delivered as text messages and/or email messages. FleetRSM even includes a digital output to provide Remote Start / Stop capabilities.

The FleetRSM solution consists of

  • An Ayantra monitoring unit installed at the remote site
  • Ayantra-provided wireless communications to/from each remote unit
  • An Ayantra-provided website to enable managers to collect Status Reports, specify Alert Notifications, send Remote Commands, and more.

Key Features


Each FleetRSM monitoring unit continually checks main power and immediately reports “Loss of Power” events and “Restoral of Power” events as they occur.


Each FleetRSM monitoring unit provides seven user-configurable digital inputs. Each input can be configured to report any type of Fault condition or other type of event. Authorized users can access the website to define each input.


Each FleetRSM monitoring also includes one digital output. The digital output can be used to drive a relay, which in turn can be used to command onsite equipment such as a generator or a pump. The end result is that FleetRSM can provide a Remote Start / Stop capability for managing certain types of remote onsite equipment.


Each FleetRSM monitoring unit sends a regularly-scheduled Daily Heartbeat message to report the status of its remote site. The Daily Heartbeat messages are also supplemented with real-time updates which are issued immediately upon detection of any critical event.


Each FleetRSM monitoring unit sends real-time updates upon detecting Fault events. Authorized users can specify which recipients will be notified for each type of event. The Alert Notifications can be delivered as text messages and/or as email messages.


Authorized users can access the website to “ping” any remote monitoring unit at any time to collect an up-to-the-minute status update.


The data in the FleetRSM database is retained for twelve months. The data can also be exported at any time.


The FleetRSM monitoring includes an integrated backup battery to enable it to immediately report a Loss of Power event, and to continue operating for up to twelve hours after main power is lost.


FleetRSM operates wirelessly, and can provide remote monitoring capabilities without requiring leased lines or other Telco services at any remote site.

Hardware Specifications

Physical: 5.00” x 3.50” x 1.55”

Power: 8 – 32 volts DC

Power Draw:

  • Active: 65 mA (typ) @ 12V
  • PowerSave: 40 mA (typ) @ 12V

Built-in back-up battery


  • Monitoring unit – Operating: -32°C → +60°C
  • Monitoring unit – Storage: -45°C → +85°C

Humidity: 0 – 95 RH @ 40C

I/O Ports:

  • Input Ports: 7 Inputs (all user-configurable)
  • Output Ports: 1 Output
Ayantra monitoring unit used for remote asset management.